A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Subconscious

A typical dream scenario for me is heading somewhere (Gym Class -  back in high school!) and I lose my way or can’t find my locker and next think you know, I’m wandering clueless in a strange land.  So it was a pleasant surprise to experience two recent dreams of another sort – a new genre of movie on the old inner projector, oddly enough – a comedy!

Dream #1: There’s some kind of competition; you have to get from point A to point B, and there are lawn sprinklers along the way –  the kind of sprinklers that spritz in a circle one way and then turn back and circle the other way.  They’re all timed slightly differently.  The competition is to get from the start to the finish without getting wet and you have to study the sprinklers, which have a definite tempo, to figure that out.  OK, it’s not a belly laugh, but the idea that there was a musicality, a rhythm to finding the solution had me smiling in the dream.

Dream #2: I’m at an event, a symposium that is quite unique: a panel of remarkable older women are speaking about their lives.  I’m trying to record it or make sure the PA is working, when I realize no one is photographing this event. So I duck down and head to the front of the room and ask anybody for a camera and someone in the aisle sends down a device that’s about two feet long and maybe a few inches high and deep.  It’s covered with switches, buttons,  levers and knobs and resembles, if anything, the instrument panel of a stealth bomber.  It bears no relationship to what I would call a camera.  I ask for another camera and get something smaller but equally arcane and inscrutable; a third camera? more of the same.  My dream was scripted by Woody Allen in collaboration with Franz Kafka, and however incongruous, it was funny – at least to the dreamer.

So here’s  my question: is anybody else laughing in their sleep?  Friends, radio listeners, countrymen and women: lend me your dreams, the funny ones.



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