Mister Wizard

Some of you may recall Don Herbert, aka Mister Wizard, whose TV show was the first to turn kids on to science.  I remember it vividly, though in black and white.  Mister W was visited weekly by a couple of clean cut kids and they did cool science experiments.

Don Herbert - Mister Wizard

Well, it turns out that Don was following in the footsteps of Michael Faraday.  Faraday, along with his engineering and science accomplishments, was much beloved in England as a science ambassador to children and the world at large.  He was dubbed a “wizard” in Queen Victoria’s time and he had, believe or not, a “Wizard’s staff”.  That staff was passed down to Herbert and then to Herbert’s protege, Steve (Jake) Jacobs, aka Wizard IV.

Steve (Jake) Jacobs - Wizard IV

Steve, Chief Scientist from Faraday Studios,  is – among other things – the science consultant for MythBusters on Discovery Channel, and a board member and judge for our Kids’ Science Challenge competition – which launches its latest season tomorrow!

I’ve seen Jake in action, working his science magic with kids and adults – it’s fun and ingenious – lots of smoke, no mirrors! Many of the experiments he does – like the air cannon – date back to Faraday’s demonstrations.  And he’s got Faraday’s wizard staff, too!

Jake and Astronaut Michael Massimino preparing to blow something up for a science demonstration.

Check out http://www.kidsciencechallenge.com where you’ll with some videos which feature Jake and our latest group of scientists.


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